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What advice would you offer to students on careers paths?

If you know what career path you want to pursue, get as much work experience/shadowing/internships as you can from early on in various industries. If, like me, you have no idea what you might like your career path to be; think about what you might want out of your job. Are you happy to work in an office or would you prefer to be out and about on various sites, meeting/consulting with people? Are you numbers driven/ good with words and story-telling/ would you prefer to work with people? What is your main focus/goals; a competitive salary, helping people/community, being creative, getting your voice heard etc.?

Once you have thought about these types of questions, you can look into which career will fulfil the answer to these questions above. Networking with people who are in the types of careers that might seem interesting to you is the next step to getting the best insight into which career might be the one for you. Speak to friends/family/teachers, network with people via social media, attend career fairs. The more questions you ask, the better!

What advice would you give a student on how to prepare for interviews?  

Keep a working and active list of all your achievements, activities, endorsements as you go along – anything that would be a good a scenario to refer back onto in an interview answer. That way you wont have to try and remember back on the years when its crunch time for your interview! Focus on all your strengths and have an example or scenario to refer to, to illustrate each of these strengths. Prepare your answers using a succinct and clear method e.g. STAR: Situation, Task, Action, Resolution. Have a couple of questions prepared to ask the employer; e.g., what is the working culture here? What would you say if your favourite thing about working in this role/company?

What do you enjoy most about working for O2 within your role?

The culture of flexibility and work-life balance promoted at O2 is great; theres always a variety of things to get involved in outside your typical daily role activities. It also means you get to meet people all across the business (and it’s a huge company!) and form great working/social relationships and allows for easy networking to support your progression.


My name is Bhavi Patel and I am a Commercial Analyst within the Operations Vendor Management team. I am responsible for managing the commercials/Finances across our Managed Services Vendors, managing contract data and producing various supplier reports on performance and spend. I joined via the O2 Grad Scheme in 2018 and have now off-boarded into this permanent role.

Bhavi Patel

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