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Hello, my name is Jess Hutchby, and I worked at O2 for 5 years before working for Virgin Media O2. I’m a Junior Performance Analyst within the Strategy and Investment team with Brand and Marketing. During my time with the company, I have worked in stores, HR and then moving into marketing two years ago on the Graduate Programme.

I think good working relationships can have a positive effect on your workload. The positives to having good work relationships is you have lots of people to be able to reach out to and bounce ideas off if you are struggling with a piece of work, you also know what there are people there you can rely on if the workload gets too much and they can listen and help you through it. These are the times where a good relationship with your line manager comes in handy, especially if you feel you don’t have enough work, or you have too much work.

Throughout my time at O2 I have been lucky with the majority of my line managers and they have become close friends of mine who I am able to rely on both inside and outside of work. Also, being on the Graduate Programme has helped me create a good friendship both in work and outside of work.

Two of my previous line managers have become some of my closest friends, and they are still a very big part of my life right now, and funnily enough, they both have the same name!

Linzi, was my store leader, when I worked back in stores and there was just an instant connection with her, we very much bonded over our love of food and stationery. It is now around 4 years since we first worked together and even though we officially stopped working together 3 years ago, I still try to see her monthly and 100% around birthdays and Christmas and I dog sit her lovey spaniel when she goes on holiday or for weekends if she is away.

The second line manager who I am still close with is also called Lyndsey, unfortunately, she lives in Scotland and I live in England, so physically seeing each other is hard! However, we have monthly check-ins in the diary just so we can have a good natter, and we also talk across social media.

Both women have not only had a huge impact on my working life, but they have supported me through some of the darkest times in my life and I’m so grateful to what used to be O2, for bringing them into my life.

Having the types of relationships, I’ve listed above and a great line manager relationship can really help my mental health and makes for a work environment that is hope and honest. I find if I have a strained relationship with someone in a team I work in or a wider team, it makes my working life hard, especially as I try to be a friendly individual who tries to make sure everyone is okay and feel good about themselves.

I’m so grateful for all of the amazing relationships I have with some very special people, who I would never have met if it wasn’t for working at Virgin Media O2 and I know a lot of these relationships will continue to grow and blossom and I am very lucky to have some strong men and women in my life, who support me through everything I have done at my time at O2.

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