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Week in the life of O2 Territory Leader – Day 4

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Firstly I’d like to point out that my diet went super well yesterday….. not! 

So last night I arrived at my hotel at around 7pm, in Northampton, on the way there from Slough, I nipped into the Paddington shop and bought my daughter a pop up book of London and sent her a little message from Paddington Bear for bedtime.  If you’ve not seen the film, it’s a must ! The service in the store was fantastic and I felt like I had a personal experience that counted 

Last night I did some work for our stores update for March and prepped for my call with my team on Friday and started to prep a handover for my Regional Leader Paul Bulmer, who will be holding the territory when I go on holiday. I did all this whilst watching the Brits….. then in the middle of the Brits I spotted a Blue Rabbit – great marketing slot for o2 PRIORITY and the Brits was held at the iconic O2 arena. #proud

I always put a delay on any e mails I send as I chose to work in the hotel at night, my team or whoever is receiving the e mail will most probably be with their loved ones and that time is really precious so I don’t send anything after 6pm. #worklifebalance
I hardly ever work once I get home at night. That’s my family time and I am really strict about it, it’s only on mega busy weeks, where I may have no admin or train time that I will, but on the whole I don’t do it.

I also managed to accidentally book to go and see the Lion King later in the year.   It’s my favourite Disney film of all time and I’ve wanted to go and see the show for years, but I wanted to wait until my daughter was old enough, she absolutely loves Lion King too, so this will be a super treat.  I think I may cry all the way through.!!! I also think I may try and pass it off as my husbands birthday present even though it’s for me and my daughter really.

Oh and I did next weeks online food shop, whilst watching Rita Ora and Liam perform at the Brits.  All about being organised.   

The Plan for today. Meet my Regional Leader David Jonas outside my hotel, he’s being my driver for the day. Have a catch up on all things Stores and David’s Region which is the East Midlands and Yorkshire.   We have our Q4 livestream with our CEO Mark Evans at 10am, then I am going to visit two stores. Northampton and Weston Favell.

Since joining O2 in July last year I challenged myself to have visited all company owned stores in the North by the end of March. I’ve done approx 74 of the 86, so I am almost on track ……

I absolutely love doing store visits as I get so much from them, for starters, it’s where I started when I was a student way back when.  I worked as a part timer at Topshop – it’s where I got the retail bug.

Then my train home is at 3pm, it’s 3 hours, so I get into Preston at 6pm, then will be home at 6.45pm. Just in time for bedtime but it also means I can get work done on the train so I will hopefully be totally up to date.

Today my mum has my daughter until lunch time then my mother in law has her from lunch until one of us gets home, they all come to our house so it makes it much easier for us and we also have a dog walker to take care of my 2 dogs.  

Whilst on the train I have another conference call 4-5pm. I will pray for decent reception ……

The last two days in Slough have been super productive and I feel we’ve added lots of value as a retail team and made some great decisions and also supported in some commercial actions for the Regional Leaders in their business reviews.

I’ve not seen my daughter since Monday night and I’m not going to lie, I absolutely can’t wait to see her tonight, but not every week is the same, some weeks I can be away 2 or even 3 nights, some weeks it may just be a very late finish and no overnights, no two weeks are ever the same and that’s what I love about my role, also I try and plan as many meetings in as I can when I am away in particular in Slough so it’s super productive.

That was my Thursday ……. Roll on Friday as nearly the weekend

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