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At O2 we believe our people are our greatest asset. So it’s important for us to keep things open, to make sure everyone feels listened to, to always act on the feedback we hear. We understand that the experience we create is key to our success and it is those experiences that drive our culture.

In fact, we’re just as committed to our people experience as we are to our customer experience, and we continually measure this using eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score).

Here’s how we make our culture really stand out:

  • We respect our people - we have everyone’s best interests in mind so they can have as much trust in us as we do them.
  • We make everything as simple as we can - we make sure we get the basics right, from the tools our people need to do the job, to how we communicate.
  • We put our people in control - we give everyone options so they can do what is right for them and their needs, like flex benefits and flexible working, for example.
  • We pay attention to our environment - we’ve designed our workplace to help our people grow professionally and personally through a range of development options including our digital learning platform O2 Campus.
  • We treat everyone as individuals - we recognise and celebrate every success, while also offering support when things don’t go quite to plan.

It all means that we’ve created a culture and an environment where you’ll be trusted to do the right thing and use your judgement. It’s somewhere you'll find it easy to get things done. Where you'll have choices around how you work, how your career develops, and how you're rewarded. All so that it works for you.

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Lutz Schüler

Lutz Schüler


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  • Graduate

    Current Employee - Slough

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    "Brilliant Company that promotes flexible working 😊"

  • Assistant Store Leader

    Current Employee - Hull

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    "Great place to be"

  • Resourcing Business Partner

    Current Employee - Slough

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    "Brilliant company to work for!"

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