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Supporting fresh talent

New ideas. New insights. New perspectives. We welcome them all. After all, that’s what bringing fresh talent into our business is all about. The world doesn’t stand still. So neither do we. And that means we don’t just embrace the future, we aim to meet it head on. So as a graduate with O2 you won’t just learn how we do things now. You’ll be encouraged to be the future of our business. With all the support, mentoring, networking and learning and development opportunities you need to succeed.

“Firstly, the culture throughout the company is welcoming and rewarding: being part of the Graduate scheme gives you access to some very senior people at Board level which is always time well spent.  Secondly, the Grad community is very close knit and it tends to be a lot of fun, from joint learning to nights out.” 

Suleiman Faruqi, Strategy & Transformation Manager 

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