It’ll be 12 months you’ll never forget.

You’ll learn all about our business. You’ll grow in confidence. And you’ll be able to say – I did that. There’s so much more to a paid internship at O2 than putting a great name on your CV. You’ll have your own responsibilities. You’ll make your own decisions. You’ll make friends for life. You’ll gain skills that will make you stand apart from other graduates. And you’ll earn a competitive £16,500 p.a.– so what are you waiting for?

We offer internships in many different teams across our business to graduates and undergraduates. You’ll need to be expecting, or already have, a 2:1 degree or equivalent and a burning passion for the business area you’re applying for. The adventure starts by completing an application form and an online test. Excite us with your potential and you'll then be invited for a video interview and go on to our assessment centre.

If it all goes great and you get the offer, then here’s what to expect during that unforgettable year with us:

  • Induction – first up, we’ll give you an overview of the whole of O2, so you can see just how big our picture is. You’ll get to grips with our culture, our values, our aims. And how we intend to achieve them. You’ll also get to know your fellow interns. And, as you’re all in this together, we’ll ask you to support and encourage each other to succeed.
  • Networking – you’ll also meet up with fellow graduates and apprentices from across our business. So you can start to build a really valuable network. We hold regular events and get-togethers. It’s where you can share knowledge, ideas, skills. Or just have a good old natter with your peers!
  • Online Learning Portfolio – jam-packed with loads of useful resources, our OLP can help you develop in your role right now. And support your achievement of future ambitions. Want to learn on the move? Our digital learning app makes career progression truly portable.
  • Work Shadowing – you’ll get to know so much more about our business, and get to know so many more of our people, through shadowing. Different teams. Different colleagues. Different challenges. You’ll work alongside some of the best brains in the industry to get a wider understanding of what we do. And widen your professional network even further too.
  • On-the-job Learning – your internship is all about keeping it real. Real life projects. Real responsibilities. Real impact. You’ll make important commercial decisions. You’ll work on projects that will help shape the very future of our business. And the digital world. You’ll learn by experience. The kind of experience that will take you as far as you want to go.
  • Support – yes, we’re looking for go-getters with the determination and ambition to drive their own success. Yes, we’re looking to stretch you. Challenge you. See what you’re made of. Then help you to Be More. But we’ll also support you at every stage. Your managers, your colleagues, your fellow interns. Everyone’s here to ensure you get where you want to be.

Our Internship programmes are currently closed.