Launching the next big thing to disrupt the market

O2 Priority. O2 Gurus. O2 Wifi. TU Go. O2 Refresh. O2 Drive. Business Essentials. In strategy we create the propositions and shape the services that give our customers more. We look at new challenges and opportunities. We explore different possibilities. We work out how we’re going to tackle things. And we drive the decisions our business needs to take today and tomorrow.

Inspiring, influencing and getting buy in from colleagues at every level, we help to set our future direction. And we communicate our plans to make sure we’re all on board. Here are some of the exciting things that are going on at the moment.

Smart meters

By 2021 the UK government aims to have 53 million gas and electricity smart meters helping to save energy across the country. We’re supplying comms hubs across Central and South regions to link everything together from home networks to energy and data communications companies. 

4G network

We’re rolling out a market leading, next generation mobile network that will cover 98% of the population by 2017. It will constantly deliver financial value and free up available resources to re-invest in growth initiatives.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators

We continue to be a leading partner for the likes of TalkTalk, Sky, Tesco Mobile and Lycamobile.

Consumer credit

We aim to provide consumer credit and insurance by September 2016, fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Sustainability leadership

We want to do more for our customers, helping them live smarter and more sustainable lives.  Our ‘Think Big’ initiative tackles big issues like the digital skills shortage, climate change and digital safety. We’re also partnering with the NSPCC to help keep children safe online, giving parents and guardians an insight into the digital world their children live in.

Typical roles:

Strategy managers. Senior business strategy managers.